Beauty is the only remaining morality. Let’s protect it even though it is not so moral.
It is not worth living without beauty.
Bernard-Marie Koltès


Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale was set up in 2008 near Bergamo thanks to the project Être – Esperienze Teatrali di Residenza (Theatre-in-Residence Experiences). It is composed by artists that emerge from different experiences but have a similar poetical vision. Qui e Ora works at national and international level producing performances, organizing festivals, workshops and theatrical surveys. The Company produces and works on self-written dramaturgy and collaborates with other artists (visual artists, writers, dancers, actors) to create new works hybridating languages and visions.


Since 2012 Qui e Ora has been working in the area of Bergamo and its surroundings conducting the artistic and cultural project Coltivare Cultura.(website) This projects aims at bringing the local area and population at the core of the artistic experiment through workshops, surveys and festivals.

Thanks to the patient work done in creating local networks among people, local governments, artists and places, in 2015 Qui e Ora launched Il Granaio (the Barn), an artist-in-residence program realized in a recently rebuilt barn.


Qui e Ora talks about the present, it creeps into the folds of people’s lives to retell them and return visions. This theatrical practice collects data from the contemporary with scrupulous love and accurate precision, in order to build collective imaginaries and find spaces of beauty. It is like writing a coming-of-age novel of our present, made up of excerpts of lives, lone voices, tiny and frail stories, unexpected beauties, visionary images. It works to contaminate and hybridate theatre with life, to dirty one’s hands with the present, to give strength to contradictions. It’s a political act of cultural resistance.

Human relationships and unusual places are two of the artistic engines of Qui e Ora. Meeting people, interviewing them, sharing imaginaries and producing artistic acts and visions out of daily life are some of its practices. Moreover: experimenting theatre and artistic shapes in places that are different from the usual ones, discovering once again a sense of community and a sense of art that every place express.


Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale works in a wide geographical area linking with many local municipalities and institutions. Qui e Ora is part of several networks: Associazione delle Residenze Lombarde Etre (Association of Residences in Lombardy), C.Re.S.Co. Coordinamento Nazionale delle Realtà della Scena Contemporanea (National Network of Contemporary Theatrical Scenes) and Ietm (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts).

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