Yes, what I like most is looking at houses, looking at neighbourhoods […] but I don’t like looking at houses only from the outside, sometimes I like seeing their inside, so I ring a bell and pretend I’m making an inspection.
Nanni Moretti

Bringing theatre into people’s lives, into their daily lives, inside the place which guards each one’s feelings and history: home. Some homes will open and welcome friends and strangers for an evening of culture and theatre. Culture from below, art near people, able to weave and build relationships, able to welcome and offer a sense of opening and belonging to a community. Private flats will host theatre, music and dance. Each play has been chosen with great care and love, as when cooking or laying our table or furnishing our own home. We will see performances close to, followed by a glass of wine and a chat. The gathering dimension meets the cultural one. A different way of enjoying theatre and culture breaking barriers and distances. A theatrical review inside homes all over the surroundings of Bergamo and Vimercate.

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