The Barn

The Barn (Il Granaio) is an artist-in-residence program where various artistic groups and many educational actions are put in place all over the area of Bergamo. The Barn is located in Arcene (BG), one of the municipalities where Qui e Ora works, precisely in Piazza della Civiltà Contadina, a square that dates back to the XVIth Century. Arcene is a cultural centre that can welcome artistic groups and can focus the attention of different audiences from the surrounding area. In The Barn there are a big rehearsal room and a stage room to present new live performances.
Qui e Ora decided to realize an artist-in-residence program with a specific attention to a multidisciplinary approach and the contamination of different languages, since this responds to its poetics as artists, as well as to its vocation as cultural planner in the area of Bergamo.
In 2015 The Barn hosted three artistic groups, one related to music (LuPi), one related to new dramaturgy (Maniaci d’Amore Teatro) and one to dance (Silvia Gribaudi); all of them are highly focused on the contemporary.

Meetings with the spectators and the local population:

• Workshop on public performance, on the languages of contemporary art and on theatre, from a theoretical and practical perspective
• Interactive performance made by a residential artist with the local population
• Work meetings: short workshops where the hosted artists and local youth can meet
• Open rehearsals held by the hosted artistic groups
• Welcome dinners where the local population hosts the artists-in-residence
• Hostel project: the local population hosts the artists-in-residence

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