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I Will Survive


]I survived being born, I survived falling off the cot, I survived bullies at primary school, non-requited love at secondary school, a couple of exam failures, job failures, a car crash on the highway, a whirlwind wedding and an eternal divorce, a serious allergic reaction, my parents’ death… when you’re in your forties this is normal. I am just an ordinary survivor of daily life. Then there are the special survivors, for example you don’t get back easily to life after a child’s funeral or a partner’s funeral. I know people still standing after many years of imprisonment. There are people who, after getting somehow through “mani pulite” [Clean Hands], still sit on the same old chairs. Then there are those present day myths that show contemporary superheroes living for years with pincers in their guts or bullets next to their hearts. There are those who outlive a bomb massacre, a tsunami, crossing the sea on a rubber dinghy, an avalanche, an earthquake. A few decades ago you had three lives in video games. Three opportunities to jump or shoot or turn at the right time. If you failed, you needed more coins. Nowadays what’s nice about video games is that you can play over and over again without going to the Arcade games at the bar. However, life keeps being the same in its essence as in the eighties: you only die once. Yet humanity resists, with its coins in its pockets. It fights, it struggles, it thrashes about, sometimes it lives on, sometimes it gets overwhelmed. It’s an apocalypse never completely catastrophic, an endless and glossy disaster notwithstanding the lack of money, the teenager children, the lack of housing or its foolish prices, the all-consuming job, the body falling into pieces and you don’t know how to hold it together. And then there’s the hardest challenge: to survive ourselves and our own expectations.

Recently a new word appeared in the global vocabulary, originating from the engineering jargon: resilience. It is the ability to bear the burden beyond the unbearable, to resist to crashes, to face adversities without collapsing and, on the contrary, to get a new and unexpected strength. To fold without breaking, to the last minute, even when everything seems lost.

This work wants to tell about survival stories, collected through many years of theatrical surveys, through daily meetings with young and elderly people, adult women and men. We intend to depict a contemporary choral fresco contaminated by the epic of ancient myths and by sociological notes. Maidens that become a tree or a fountain, children who outlive Erodes or rigid Spartan rules, plague-stricken people brought back to life. A dramaturgy that intercepts the voice of the many people encountered and filters it into the bodies of the three performers to give back rays of life. The restitution of the great battle of daily life.




A project by  Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale
Text Francesca Albanese, Silvia Baldini, Laura Valli
With Francesca Albanese, Silvia Baldini, Laura Valli
Director  Marta Dalla Via
Dramaturg  Diego Dalla Via
Luci Paolo Tizianel
Search of materials Qui e Ora e Fratelli Dalla Via

Ph Michela Di Savino


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